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Tattoo Artist in Delhi

Biggest & Best Tattoo Shop In Delhi

So you are looking for the Best Permanent Tattoo Artist or Body Piercing in Delhi? You have come to the right place. Tattoosphere Tattoo Studio is here to serve you. Custom tattoo designs, top class equipments and recommended hygiene standards ensure you peace of mind and best of tattoo and body piercing.

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We are a tattoo shop in Delhi, whose main aim is to provide its customers the best service. Under our service, we offer to you a varied range of tattoos in different custom designs. Before we provide you detailed information about us, let us get a brief description and history about the tattoos.

How many categories of tattoos are there?

With the growing time, the art of tattoo making is growing too. Our ancestors too were a part of the tattoo making culture. The tattoos can distinctly be divided into various categories. The different kind of tattoos are mentioned hereby...

In the Western culture, tattoos are considered to be “uncivilised” culture. Nevertheless, for more than centuries the art of tattoos has been associated with those of working men, sailors and criminals. However, with the setting in of the 20th century and the modern era, the tattoo culture came to be widely accepted in the Western world. People related to all fields started to get tattoos in order to portray their beliefs. Some used it as a symbolic meaning while some just used it for decorative purposes.

What is the history of tattoos?

If we sit to trace the history of tattoos, it will not be wrong to say that the method has been extended to the ancient periods. The history of tattoo dates back to about 5000 years. The first traces of tattoo were found in an individual from Central Europe. He had random dots all over his body, which the specialists have thought that these helped to relieve pain. Thus, we can say that the tattoos were used for medicinal purposes as well. The concept of tattoo was pretty much famous in the areas of Egypt and Central Asia. When the archaeologists excavated the sites, they found the tradition of body art all over the mummies. Even in the areas of North Egypt, the bronze tools for making body art were discovered.

More such evidences were found from the areas of Africa. The Africans too had blue and black dots all over their body whose patterns were similar to those of the Egyptians. The geometric patterns of such dots were also found in the bodies of the people from Central Asia. Ancient Britons also had such patterns all over their body.

Previously, tattoos were made from homemade needles and ink. The needles were used to prick the skin to make up designs. The inks were made of burnt woods, oil mixed in liquid, breast milk. In few cases, the ink was also rubbed on the pricked skin to mark the tattoos.

Earlier, ancient people made tattoos of animals, nature, random designs and their specific tribal symbolisms.Gradually with time, the tradition of being tattooed got evolved and from homemade, the concept of tattoo shops came into being. From the homemade needles, the electric tattoo needles were evolved. The electric tattoo machine was first invented in 1891 by Samuel O’reilly.

What are the benefits of getting tattooed?

It is very common for you to ask what are the benefits of getting tattooed. This question is very applicable for anyone who is to getting tattooed. If you think, decorating your body is the only purpose of getting tattooed, then maybe you are wrong. There are so many other benefits of getting tattooed apart from the decorative purpose. Some of them are mentioned below:

Tattoo shop in Delhi

We do understand that it is really hard to find a proper tattoo artist. So, if you are based in Delhi and planning to get inked, you can definitely rely on Tattosophere, one of the best tattoo shops in Delhi. We have an exclusive range of tattoo artists who excel in making permanent tattoos. Our permanent tattoo designers work with full dedication so that you can get the tattoo of your choice. Here you would get a wide range of best tattoo artists in Delhi. We work with total hygiene and with full excellence. No matter what design you wish to have small or big, they will provide you the design you wish to have. These tattoo artists in Delhi will offer you the best tattoo designs.

Our tattoo designers in Delhi have a list of permanent tattoo designs lined up for you. We also have the permanent tattoo designers in Delhi who can effectively get you the tattoo you want to have.

Our soul aim in the tattoo shop is to offer you the best service. These tattoo designers in Delhi have the skills to provide you a range of tattoos, from normal to that of the tribal designs. Thus, we are one of the best tattoo artists in Delhi and we take pride in saying that.

Apart from tattoo designing, we also offer for a range of piercing services. You can get the piercing you wish to have. Our artists would offer the service with complete dedication and maintain hygiene the same time. So, if you want to get pierced or tattooed, we are at your service, you can definitely contact us.