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Best Piercing Shop/Artist In Delhi-Ear | Septum | Nose | Navel | Dermal | Piercing

Body piercings have been around for ages and the trend continues. Nowadays, people get any piercing done for a pure fashion statement and are more focused on getting any piercing done professionally so that they done face any infections and get it placed correctly.

Choose us for the best and most professional piercing services in all Delhi.

Here Is Why?

  1. Most Important, more then 10 years of experience
  2. Deep understanding about piercing points and healing process
  3. Right consultation before piercing. We listen to all your requirements and concerns and give you the best solution
  4. Comfortable and friendly environment
  5. Correct specification and material of jewelry
  6. Sealed and sterilized needles and jewelry used for piercing. No use of piercing guns or wire. We do needle piercing method which is considered to be the most professional and hygienic around the world
  7. All new and disposable piercing setups to take care of all hygiene protocols
  8. Painless
  9. Explain detail and correct after care to heal your piercing
  10. We are always with you, if you have any doubts or concerns even after piercing is done.

Body piercing in New Delhi has always been on trend and as always, a fashion statement.

As a professional piercing shop in Delhi, we use the piercing needle method for all our piercings. These needles are sealed, sterilized, and disposable(single-time use only) We never use piercing guns as they are the most unprofessional and unhygienic method of piercing and cause a lot of damage to the skin cells and tissues.

We use surgical-grade jewelry for all our piercings as this is considered to be the best piercing material. These jewelries are safe sterilized and non-allergic. It is recommended that, once your piercing is healed, you can opt for any jewlery of your choice. We recommend using any artificial

Almost a painless piercing experience. We apply the correct technique and experience make your piercing painless and heal faster

What all body piercing we do at our Delhi Studio?

Get the most insne piercing done the most professional way. Be it almost any piercing, from a implant to a very basic ear lobe piercing, we do it all

navel piercing in delhi

Navel piercing:

This is a piercing that is on the bucket list of every girl.

lip piercing in delhi

Oral Piercing:

Tongue piercing in Delhi is very demanding when it comes to oral piercings. Lip piercing and other oral piercings are also available

dermal chest piercing in delhi

Dermal/Microdermal Piercing:

This is mostly done on the chest or right below the throat. This is an implant and should always be done very carefully. We have done it many many times. This is also called chest piercing.

nose and center nose piercing in delhi

Nose Piercing:

From the basic nostril piercing to amazing-looking septum piercing, we love to do it all the perfect way.

best male and female nipple piercing in delhi

Male/Female Nipple Piercing:

This piercing is catching up in New Delhi and all-around India.

genital piercing

Genital Piercing:

these piercings are done on very sensitive parts and should be done carefully. be it Vertical Clit , or Horizontal Clit for Christina piercing, we do it all

Sternum Chest Piercing

Sternum Piercing:

This piercing is very popular among girls. Mostly done on cleavage or near the collarbone, this is a head-turner for sure.

ear piercing in delhi

Ear Piercing:

We do all the ear piercings like Lobe, Helix, Industrial, Conch, Tragus, Forward Helix, Upper lobe, Daith, Rook, and many more



We see our clients going for more unconventional piercings such as septum piercings, naval piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip piercings and so much more. We, at Tattoosphere, believe that there is no limit to how much you can explore with piercing.

All Piercings Are Done Keeping APP Guidelines In Mind


One of the most popular piercing among males and females.

  • Forward Helix
  • Rook
  • Daith
  • Helix
  • Conch
  • Anti Tragus
  • Snug
  • Faux Snug
  • Lobes


These piercings looks very cool! A must have.

  • Labret
  • Monroe
  • Philtrum
  • Cheeks
  • Dahlias
  • Vertical Philrum
  • Vertical Labret
  • Inverse Labret
  • Smiley
  • Tongue
  • Lingual Frenulum


This is most common for females and slowly catching up with males.

  • Bridge
  • Nostril
  • High Nostril
  • Septum


Like a jewel on your body!!!

  • Nape
  • Dermal
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