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Best Tattoo Training/Course In Delhi NCR. Tattoo Academy Institute

Permanent Tattooing is one of the fastest-growing segments when it comes to body modification and body art. People all over Delhi and other parts of India have started to get tattoos and their craving for tattoos is never-ending. All this leads to a high demand for tattoos and there are not enough tattoo artist to fulfill this demand. We are sure you are here on this page as you are attracted towards are and understand opportunities in the tattoo industry.

In order to be a professional tattoo artist, you will need formal tattoo training. We offer 2 different tattoo learning programs. 1st is the basic tattoo training course and 2nd is a professional advanced tattoo training course.

You can choose any course as per your requirements. The Basic course is designed for those who want to do tattooing as a part-time job with their current profession. This is best suited for those who are looking for a secondary source of income.

The advanced tattoo training program is for those looking to make tattooing their full-time job/profession. This course will carry in-depth knowledge about tattooing. Details are as below.

best tattoo course/training

Basic Tattoo Training Program

Your Basic tattoo training will include-

  • Basic sketch training
  • Tattoo Machine Knowledge
  • Tattoo Needle Knowledge
  • Tattoo stencil making and transfer
  • Tattoo setup and hygiene protocols
  • How to do tattoo lining on artificial skin
  • How to do solid colour packing on artificial skin
  • Tattoo Aftercare

This course will teach you basic tattooing, like tribal tattoos, Name/Text, line art, and many other vector-style tattoos. This is a 30 to 45 days course. You will be using our study/tattooing material to practice at the studio. No tattoo kit is included in this course.

Course Fee- Rs 35,000/- (Thirty-Five Thousand) which needs to be paid in full at the time of admission.

Classes will be held from 1 Pm to 7 Pm from Monday to Friday

tattoo training near me

Professional Tattoo Training Program

Now advanced/professional tattoo training is for those who want tattooing to be a full-time job. A lot of dedication and practice require during tattoo training sessions and this is a never-ending process. Always practicing and dedicated will always improve your skills and make your work neat and clean. After all an artwork is a practice game.This is a 3-month course/training, which will include the very basics of tattooing to the most advanced level of realism tattooing like portrait tattoos (Face Tattoos).Below are all the details. If you are really looking to learn tattooing, we recommend you go through all the details and read carefully.

1st Month Of Your Tattoo Training

We start from the very basics of pencil and paper sketching, where you learn to hold the pencil properly when it comes to art. Different types of techniques for lining and shading are shared. this will include in-depth knowledge of image/design reading, lights and shadows, and proper proportions.This is very helpful to make a creative mind and do custom designing. Pencil sketching is a brainstorming process where you learn fusion for 2 different designs, and their placement together.

Once you are done with pencil sketching, you will be given lessons about the latest wireless pen tattoo machine, Tattoo Cartridges(needles), and stencil making. This will be a details session on how to assemble machine and needles, machine speeds, and needle sizes used for lining, solid coloring, and shading. Stencil making is 1st step towards tattooing and proper stencil learning and transfer on skin is very important. You will be taught about manual stencil making, digital stencil making on IPad, and all the latest digital stencil printers.

Next 2 Months Of Your Tattoo Training Course

Now these 2 months are very important and will need all your focus and practice. At this time, you will get your tattoo machine kit and will start practicing with the tattoo machine.

2ND Month

After you have done all of the above or as taught in the 1 month of training, we will make you practice on the artificial skid pad. We will start with the basics of tattoo lining, like straight lines, curved lines, and various line art using different needles used for thick and thin lines.

This session is very important, wireless tattoo machine is about 150 to 180 grams of weight and has a little vibration while operating, so you will learn how to hold the machine safely and efficiently for clean and near artwork. correct hand pressure is very important so that you do not damage the skin. Some pencil exercises will continue simultaneously which will help you improve your tattoo lining. Your digital drawing and editing classes will also start this month which will help you do custom designs and come up with a more creative mind. All digital editing is taught in iPad Pro with the latest and best editing software. We always recommend digital drawing on iPad as it gives you movability. Now once you are good with tattoo lining on fake skin, we will teach you about solid coloring. There are various types of needles used for this, like round shader and magnum needles. Both needles are very useful. These tattoos will help you do Name Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos, and various other vector-style tattoo designs. Solid coloring requires a lot of patience and practice so that you don’t damage the skin and do patchless work.

With all this, you will also start doing client consultations with us and many other studio management activities which will help you learn studio operations and manage appointments. Hygiene is one of the most important parts of your and your client’s safety. We will teach you about all the hygiene protocols that need to be followed before, during, and after the tattoo is done. How to clean the tattoo station? Tattoo setup, do and don’t during a tattoo, and how to safely remove the tattoo setup. All the sanitation processes of the studio. All this should be very strictly followed to avoid any health-related risks.

3RD Month

Now your 3rd month is fun-filled, with lots of knowledge and learning of different types of shading using round shader and magnum tattoo needles. You start these shading on paper first to understand the techniques and then go on to the artificial skin pad. You will be taught about different stretching levels and hand pressure with machine speed to achieve the correct soft shades required for realistic tattoo art. After you finish all the given important tasks, you will have to do a portrait tattoo in real human skin. This shall be your final task towards the compilation of your tattoo training course. if you deliver a good job, your course should be over, otherwise, you shell practice more and your course may continue for another 15 to 20 days depending on your performance. These extra classes will be non-chargeable.

After you have completed your course, you will get a certificate of compilation from us, which may help you find a job as Professional Tattoo Artist or place it at your own tattoo studio/shop, which gives customers a level of confidence that they are in safe hands. You will also be given the knowledge and contact number of tattoo supply dealers for your future tattoo supply purchases. We hope that you have understood the month-on-month flow of your learning. Below is the training roadmap for more help. If you have any further questions, we recommend you to click on the FAQs button appearing on the right side of your screen, otherwise, we are available on the phone by clicking on the call button on the left bottom of your mobile screen.

Free Body Piercing Classes

Now when you finish your tattoo course/training, we want you to learn at least 1 more skill, and that is body piercing. This will definitely help you gain more customers and increase sales/earnings month on month. This body piercing course will be free of cost or complimentary. This will be a 4-day piercing course with practical sessions. This free piercing training is a non-kit, which means you will not be offered any piercing equipment. We will share all the details of where you can purchase all the piercing supplies. Click below to know more about the course details.

Piercing Training




Course/Training Road Map

1st Month
  • - Learn about the basics of pencil sketching
  • - Image/design reading, lights and shadows, and proper proportions
  • - lessons about the different type of tattoo machine and how it works
  • - Learn about different tattoo needles, Traditional vs Tattoo Cartridges
  • - Stencil making. Manual and digital using iPad and transfer on skin
  • - Machine speeds, and needle sizes used for lining, solid coloring, and shading
  • - Recap
2nd Month
  • Tattoo Machine Kit Delivery -
  • Learn to hold the tattoo machine correctly for a steady hand -
  • Learning about applying correct hand pressure to avoid any skin damage -
  • Start with the basics of tattoo lining, straight lines, and curved lines on fake skin -
  • Digital editing on iPad for custom tattoo designing -
  • Learn about solid colour packing -
  • Lessons about client consultation and studio management -
  • Do your 1st tattoo in human skin(small vector tattoo) -
  • Recap -
3rd month
  • - Learn about soft shades using round shader and magnum needles
  • - Lessons about Gradients
  • - Different hand pressure and stretching levels on the skin
  • - An attempt at 1st portrait on a fake skin pad
  • - An attempt at 1st portrait on real skin
  • - Tattoo Aftercare
  • - Certificate distribution
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Your tattoo kit will include all the below items

Branded Tattoo Machine (Wireless) 100 ink cups 60 tattoo needles (tattoo cartridges) 10 artificial skin pads 1 black ink bottle (Dynamic tattoo ink) 2 stencil paper (Spirit brand A4 size) 1 bottle of green soap 2 glove box 2 tissue paper roll
learn professional tattoo

Tattoo Training/Course Fee

Rs 79,000/- (Seventy Nine Thousand Only))

You will have to pay Ra 40,000/- at the time of admission, and all the balance amount at the beginning of the second month

Your tattoo kit will be delivered in the second month.

The new tattoo training batch starting soon, enrol now. For more info call 9266555545

professional tattoo training

Best Tattoo Making Course In Delhi

We do not take more than 5 students per batch.

Still any doubt or questions? what are you waiting for? give us a call, we are all ears

Best Tattoo Training/Course In Delhi NCR. Tattoo Academy Institute

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