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Tattoo and piercing aftercare - The Ultimate Guide

Getting a tattoo or a piercing is a thrilling experience, and we bet you can't wait to flaunt it. But before you show off that tat or that rad new piercing, remember to follow a good aftercare routine. Both tattoos and piercings are actual wounds that require time to heal. If you don't follow proper aftercare routines, chances of infection can increase manifolds.

Why is good aftercare required for permanent tattoos and piercing?

Wondering why is it that you need to follow proper piercing and permanent tattoo hygiene? It's to protect your body from possible infections. Just like wounds need adequate care to heal, tattoos and piercings also require proper attention to recover properly.

Your tattoo or piercing artist will provide you with detailed aftercare steps and precautions depending on the size and placement of your tattoo or piercing. However, there are some general hygiene steps that you can follow to ensure proper healing.

The reason why taking care of a new tattoo or piercing is so important is because there is chance of bacteria or germs infesting in the site. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and in extreme cases, disfiguration.

Heed the aftercare advice given

If you're getting a second or a third tattoo or piercing, chances are that you will become laxer towards taking care of it. Just because you haven't faced any complications in your previous cases, doesn't mean that you can shirk taking proper care of a new tattoo or piercing.

Every tattoo or piercing experience is different, as different areas of the body have different healing times. The size, and location of both a tattoo and a body piercing can change the aftercare requirements. Listen to the artist and follow the instructions carefully to help your tattoo or piercing heal faster.

Possible results of poor tattoo and piercing hygiene

Poor hygiene following a piercing or tattooing can lead to irritation, prolonged pain and discomfort, and infections. Complications arising out of these can become fatal or even send you to the emergency room.

Severe infection or trauma caused due to bacterial infection in the tattoo or piercing site can cause your body to go into shock, make you feel feverish. Rashes and painful bumps can also occur at the site of an infected piercing or tattoo.

In the case of piercings, you may find nominal bleeding in the spot when it is irritated or pulled. This is because the wound at the site is still healing. Improper care and hygiene may lead the wound to get infected and fester.

Improper aftercare for tattoos can not only ruin the longevity of your tattoo, but it can also result in infection, pain and irritation. Prolonged redness and swelling are also seen because of poor care.

Excessive rubbing of the tattoo can cause the scabbing to tear off and get infected. It may also result in the loss of ink and affect the color and quality of your tat. In case of piercings, you may face excessive bleeding or pus formation.