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Tattoosphere- Permanent Tattoo Questions

Getting permanent tattoo is really a fun. You have a awesome looking artwork in your skin, on the same side you can’t get it wrong. You always have so many questions before getting inked.

Here are some of the most common asked questions which we think will help you. If you want to clear any more doubts, please feel free to Contact Us

1st & most common question. Dose it pain?

Yes it hurts, but it is bearable. Anyone can easy get a tattoo and pain is bearable. People throughout the world are getting tattoo.

Most Important, Is it safe?

Yes it is absolutely safe if done under. Cheap is risky. Good tattoo cannot be cheap. Any cheap tattoo will always compromise on hygiene. So it is important to check studio hygiene level and artist knowledge and experience. Unhygienic tattoo may turn in to a disaster.

Can we donate blood?

Yes. Why not? Your tattoo is done properly and under very hygiene conditions.

Will it require any touchup?

Tattoos generally don't require any touchup if you have taken a good Aftercare of it.

Can it be removed?

Yes. It can be removed. Please consult and good skin specialist.

How about if my skin is allergic?

Like you, your tattoo artist also doesn’t know whether your skin is allergic to tattoos or not. So if this is really a concern, it is recommended to go for a dot test before the tattoo.

I might catch some infection?

Tattoo aftercare is very important, if you don't take a good aftercare, your tattoo might get infected.

I am a diabetic or taking some medicine on a regular basis. Is it ok for me to get a tattoo?

It is not recommended to get a tattoo for a diabetic patient. For any other medicine, it needs to be checked, what kind and level of medicine you are taking.

How much time will it take?

Like good things take time, good tattoos take time. Depending on the size and design any good tattoo need time to be done perfectly. So don’t tell your artist again and again “Jaldi Karo Bhaiya”

How much will it cost?

Well, When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Any studio with good experience and high quality material will not do any tattoo at a lower price. Good tattoos are never cheap.

What should I get? And where?

When it comes to tattoos, it is really personal. You should choose your design very carefully, a design which connects you, your personality, your life, and your emotions. Any random tattoo, you will get bored after some time. You artist can custom a very nice tattoo only for you or you can choose a picture off the wall. The only limit is imagination.

I got a new tattoo, how soon can I get it waxed or scrubbed at some beauty salon or at home?

Waxing or scrubbing a new tattoo is really not a good idea. Let it heal completely and then you can get your skin waxed or scrubbed.