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Imagine walking down a skinny lane and bumping on to a shady poster saying "Cheap Tattoo" or "Get your Piercings done for Free". Will you be tempted? Hope not!

Delicate skin arts in the form of tattooing and piercing need special skills and techniques. Also at the same time it demands the act of maintaining proper hygiene. You would not allow some unprofessional to make permanent marks on your body, will you?

At Tattoosphere the primary concern of our permanent tattoo artists is your health. No matter, how dazzling the tattoo might look on the first day, if it causing pain and infections, then it actually not worth it.

Value of Price

The tattoo artists at Tattoosphere have immense experience and knowledge in the fields of tattooing and piercing and that is why we never compromise on the quality of the services we offer. There are hundreds of people claiming to experts on piercing and tattoos, who will readily charge less than half the price that we are charging here at Tattoospehere. Those seedy little places will not only jeopardize the quality of the tattoo but also at the same time it will harm your health.

The price you pay us will guarantee the perfect art with the assurance of an infection-free permanent tattoo or piercing on your body. Your body is like a temple and you cannot let anyone touch and ruin its serine essence.

And quality comes with a cost. That is why we make sure that the tattoo we are imprinting on our clients' body is of top quality in terms of both design and hygiene.

Cheap is Risky

You can always ask why you need to pay so much when you can get a tattoo at half a price. The answer is simple-tattoos are for life and the extra money you pay will provide you with some assurance which a cheaper parlour can never guarantee.

Like for instance, we promise a clean environment without any chances of infestation. The careful precision involved in our process includes the usage of gloves, disposable razors and needles and we also never reuse the ink which we have once used for one client.

This kind of assurance carries a weight and that weight comes with some cost. So, in order to offer you an infection and danger free tattoo and piercing, our permanent tattoo artists have kept the standard of the service a bit higher from the rest.

Originality Comes with a Price

All our designs are inspired by our creativity and imagination. Unlike most of the tattoo parlours, in this country, we don't copy stuff from the net but rather inspire our own designs and creation. With years of experience and a knack of creativity we would offer you something unique. However, uniqueness and originality is not cheap or free. If you value the art which is going to make a permanent mark on your body, then you should not be hesitant to pay the price for it.

So get the best tattoo or body piercing by the best artist in New Delhi. please do give us a call, today.

We charge Rs 600 per square inch. Any Color and design