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Best Permanent Tattoo Studio & Maker In Delhi

We all have thought about getting the best tattoo at some point of time or the other. Before you get yourself inked, here is a little you need to know about tattoos and artist

What is a tatttoo

Tattoo is permanent designs made on the skin with the help of needles and ink. The ink is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin, where it changes the pigment to form the design. It is a wound made in the skin.

Once the ink is deposited, after a few days the wound will start to scab. Once the scab goes away, you can see the design imprinted under the fresh layer of skin. Temporary tattoos are also available at Tattoosphere for those who don't want a permanent one.

Tattoo hygiene

The most important thing to check while choosing a tattoo studio/Artist , is how hygienic it is. You must choose a shop that is reputable, and doesn't have any history of health risks. Always make sure to do thorough background research before deciding. Read online reviews, or ask in the online forums.

The risk of infections and allergies are also quite real, and it is important to make sure your tattoo artist uses only the highest quality inks and needles, to avoid such situations. Cheap brands and colours are more likely to harm your skin, so always go for top brands. A reputable artist will always use the high quality brands.

It is good to remember that your tattoo is a wound, and needs to be kept clean always till it is completely healed. Make sure your tattoo doesn't come in contact with surfaces that are prone to bacteria or germs.

History of tattoos

The history of tattooing goes back many centuries. Almost every culture in the world has a tradition of permanent as well as temporary tattoos. From Africa to Asia, Europe, and even the Americas, tattooing has long been associated with ceremonial rites of passage in tribes and communities.

In many cultures, the people are seen to sport tattoos as a mark of honor, bravery, courage, and respect. Tattoos have also been used as a means of telling stories. From scripts to images, these designs can be used by a tattoo artist to depict traditions and customs.

Tattoo as a modern art form

Today tattooing has become an acceptable form of body art, where men and women are opting for designs that hold special significance in their lives. The designs have become more elaborate and detailed, and often very life-like.

It is said that today there is almost no design that a tattoo artist can't recreate in ink. There is no limit to what can be the subject of your design. From tributes to personal heroes, to images that hold special meaning in their lives, and names of near and dear ones, the humble tattoo has become a veritable art form in modern days.

Get inked!

Getting your first tattoo can be a thrilling experience. With a little bit of research and proper aftercare, tattoos can become a great symbol of your personality. Feel free to contact Tattoosphere for any of your inquire and we will be happy to help.

Our Customer Reviews say it all

At Our Tattoo Sudio

Tattoo inks- We use top quality permanent tattoo inks. Top brands like Intenze , Eternal tattoo ink and Dynamic.

Tattoo Needles - Since this is one of the most important part of tattooing, we use pre sterilized tattoo needles and cartridges. These are seal packed and are opened in front of customer. These are single use and are disposed off after use.

Tattoo Process- hygiene process at our studio is very strict. Through cleaning process is followed daily. Our artist under go medical checkup regularly. Tattoo stations are cleaned regularly using Bacillol. New ink cups, Medically approved Latex Gloves are used, clip cord/RCA and machines are covered for extra protection. Smoking and eatables are not allowed at our tattoo studio. We give our customers every opportunity to ask any question related to their permanent tattoo.

Tattoo Machines-we use most advance coil and rotary based tattoo machines like Bishop rotary,Eikon and Cheyenne tattoo equipments

Tattoo Aftercare- we recommend the best of tattoo after care. Products approved medically for tattoo aftercare are recommended at our tattoo shop. Renew A & D ointment, Cam tatwax and other high grade products are used at studio. We share videos and documents with customer for aftercare. Regular follow up ensure customer to have a glowing tattoo.