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Best Permanent Tattoo Artist & Studio in delhi

We are a team of five artists with a dream to provide you with the most perfect tattoo and piercing experience. We believe in putting quality at the very top of our priorities. With us you can be assured of getting nothing but the very best.

When you select a tattoo artist or piercing specialist from Tattoosphere you know you're going to have the ultimate experience.

Focused on quality

If you are looking for a quality permanent tattoo artist, then our team is the name to trust. With over four years of experience in the field of tattooing, we are always ready to answer all your queries.

We understand that each tattoo is special, that is why we believe in providing custom designs. At Tattoosphere, you will never find us giving you designs copied from the internet. Your personal tattoo artist will discuss your ideas and add elements of creativity to give you a tattoo that is as unique as you.

In-depth knowledge on tattoos and beyond

We have an incredible thirst for knowledge about tattoos and piercings and we are always learning more every day. At Tattoosphere, our mission is to educate our customers about all aspects of their tattoos and piercings and their aftercare. This way we aim to help our clients have a tattoo or piercing that looks amazing forever.

Whatever questions you may have about your tattoo or your piercing, we are happy to answer them for you. Our primary focus is on the health of our customers, that is why we use the best quality equipment and inks to avoid any chances of infections or complications.

We follow all the highest international permanent tattoo standards. You will never find a permanent tattoo artist at Tattoosphere using low grade inks or equipment ever. Hygiene and health are the main pillars of our studio.

Quality work delivered - every time

With an unbreakable love for the art of tattooing and piercing, we believe in delivering high quality work each and every time. From its very inception, our studio is focused on creating pieces that are like works of art.

We respect your individual identities and that is why your permanent tattoo artist at Tattoosphere will never compromise on the quality of your design. Whether it is a small piece, or a sleeve design, our attention to details is equal for everyone.

Detailed aftercare advice

Your health is most important to us. That is why at Tattoosphere we use only the highest brands of inks and equipment for your tattoos and piercings. Your tattoo artistor piercing specialist will give you detailed aftercare routine to follow.

To us our safety and health is paramount. That is why we often ask our clients to let us know of any existing ailments or conditions that may interfere with their healing process. We also enquire about allergies to avoid exposing you to metals or inks that may cause irritation.

Every equipment used by our tattoo artists and piercing experts have been sterilized.

Contact us today for booking a tattoo or piercing appointment, and express yourself through your body art.

Types/Designs Of Tattoos

There are a verity of tattoo designs and types. Choose The Best Design/ Type For You

Small Tattoo, Tribal Tattoo ,Zodiac Sign Tattoo ,Cute Tattoo ,Finger Tattoo, Mantra Tattoo , Cartoon Tattoo, Colored Tattoo, Dot, Work Tattoos, Geometric Tattoo ,Healed Tattoo ,Line Art Tattoo, Religious Tattoo, Flower Tattoo, Water Color Tattoo ,Music Tattoo ,Animal Tattoo, Coverup Tattoos, Free Hand Tattoos, New School Tattoo, Portrait Tattoo, Trash Style Tattoo, Sports Tattoo, Script Tattoo, Maa Tattoo

Tattoos and body piercing are like forever. So don’t get it wrong. Get it done by the best artist and biggest studio in New Delhi. With more then 150+ 5 star reviews and years of experience, you have the peace of mind.